Tek + Fit: Footwear Technology that Fits

New Balance Suspension System. Because no single technology meets all the needs of every individual. This collection of innovative technologies and unique materials provides everything from motion control to shock absorption. Each of our shoes has seven integrated Suspension System components designed to suit specific needs.

  1. STABILITY WEB™ — Superior Midfoot Support
  2. ABZORB® — Shock Absorbtion
  3. ABZORB SBS® — Enhanced Cushioning
  4. N-ERGY™ — Supportive Cushioning and Responsiveness
  5. GRAPHITE ROLLBAR® — Pronation Control Device
  6. Medial Post — C-Cap Material Motion Control
  7. TPU Post — Prevents Rolling

New Balance Stability WebStability Web™ delivers superior support in the midfoot while also reducing the overall weight of the shoe. Made of thermoplastic urethane (TPU) and positioned under the arch, Stability Web allows for torsion and flexion control in the arch while maintaining flexibility in the forefoot.
Stability Web

ABZORBABZORB® For pure cushioning in the heel and forefoot, ABZORB® is the solution. By absorbing shock and displacing energy, ABZORB® softens the impact, foot-strike after foot-strike.

ABZORB SBSABZORB SBS® For enhanced cushioning ABZORB SBS® is the solution. Its unique cored design and material, absorb shock and displace energy to soften the impact foot-strike after foot-strike.
Abzorb SBS Technology

N-ERGY™ Today's N-ergy is a resilient engineered elastomer designed to provide shock absorption and responsiveness for the optimal ride. Designed in multiple configurations to deliver unique consumer benefits from Responsive Cushioning with optimal shock absorption and quick elastic return for an optimal ride, to Smooth Transition from touch down through mid-stance to Impact Force Distribution across the entire crash pad and forefoot reducing point loads and distributing stress across the entire strike zone.

N-ERGY™ 2.0 An asymmetrical three-chamber design, N-ergy™ 2.0 provides a unique supportive cushioning experience as it compresses upon impact, to absorb heel shock. It then rebounds to its original shape for maximum responsiveness. For additional pronation control, the medial (inner) chamber is reinforced with an additional stabilizing element made of Dupont's Hytrel®.

Graphite ROLLBARGRAPHITE ROLLBAR® The Graphite Rollbar® is New Balance's premier pronation control device. A lightweight flat or molded piece of graphite material positioned in the heel portion of the midsole, the Graphite Rollbar provides motion control, maximizes rearfoot stability and prevents excessive pronation. By stabilizing the foot as it rolls inward, it provides exceptional support for moderate and severe over-pronators.

Medial PostMEDIAL POST The Medial Post is a wedge of higher than normal density C-Cap material that provides pronation control. It extends from the heel to the ball of the foot but can vary in length to offer degrees of motion control. By stabilizing the foot as it rolls inward, the Medial Post provides sufficient support for the mild to moderate over-pronator.

Stabilicore™ is a medial support system that provides an extremely smooth transition from heel strike to toe-off. It is made from an injection molded engineered thermoplastic that offers a great deal of precision and consistency. Unlike foam posting systems it provides a continuous range of stiffness for optimal transition. Stabilicore™ is replacing the TS2 Medial Posting technology.

TPU PostTPU POST A stability device made of thermoplastic urethane (TPU), the TPU Post is placed in the heel on the inner side of the shoe to control pronation and/or the outer side to control under-pronation. Capable of preventing rolling in both directions, the TPU post can be positioned to address the needs of both under-pronators and over-pronators.

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