NB Discontinued Favorites

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Men - MX856

New Balance Cross-Training 856 — $ 99.95

If you love your 856, then get another pair before they're gone. Or try out the 'new and improved' 857 cross-trainers.

Women - WX856
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Men MR993

New Balance Running 993 — $ 149.95

Last Call for the prior version of the best selling made in USA running shoes -- most sizes are sold-out. The latest update to our heritage running shoe returns to its original number the 990v3.

Women WR993
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Men MW846

New Balance Walking 846 — $ 99.95

This best selling style has been updated to the W847. This could be your last chance to grab a pair in your size before they're gone.

Women WW846
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Men - MW927

New Balance Walking 927 — $ 119.95

Now the W928, If you've got any foot problems, and you're a larger person, these shoes are like chicken soup for your feet.. Choose from lace-ups or velcro.

Women WW927
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Men - MW811

New Balance Walking 811 — 89.95

Some of the very last discontinued New Balance 811 are still available in Velcro and Slide style for women. Widths range from Extra Narrow (4A/2A) to Extra Wide (4E/6E). The 812 update now retail for $ 99.95.

Women - WW811
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Men M801SGR

New Balance 801 Suede Slide — $ 69.95

The best selling trail recovery slide has been updated to the 990S, now Made in USA and $ 99.95. If the 801 was the perfect fit for your feet, grab an extra pair while they're still available.

Women W801SGR
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Men MT00

New Balance Minimus Trail Zero — $ 79.95

The original Minimus Zero Trail has a 0mm drop from heel to toe and Vibram® outsole. The Minimus design allows for a more natural foot strike and a more efficient ride. The barefoot revolution continues with the MT00v2.

Women WT00
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Men MW968

New Balance Walking 968 — $ 99.95

Now updated to the 969, the waterproof Country Walking 968 has been a popular favorite for its light feel and roomy toebox.
Women WW968
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Men M1260v3

New Balance 1260v3 - $ 119.95

Now updated to the 1260v4, the 1260 series gives the mild to moderate overpronator an excellent ride.
Women W1260v3
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New Balance Running 2040v1 — $ 199.95

Are you looking to replace your most luxurious pair of New Balance running shoes? We may still have your size. Also have a few pairs of the MR2002 left. The latest update is the M2040v2 and retails for $ 324.95.


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