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Men M587

New Balance Running 587 — $ 139.95

The New Balance 587 motion control running shoe has endured unchanged since 1999! Alas, all good things must come to an end. New Balance has ceased production. What you see is all we have.

Women W587
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Men - MX856

New Balance Cross-Training 856 — $ 99.95

If you love your 856, then get another pair before they're gone. Or try out the 'new and improved' 857 cross-trainers.

Women - WX856
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Men MR993

New Balance Running 993 — $ 149.95

Last Call for the prior version of the best selling made in USA running shoes -- most sizes are sold-out. The latest update to our heritage running shoe returns to its original number the 990v3.

Women WR993
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Men MW846

New Balance Walking 846 — $ 94.95

This best selling style has been updated to the W847. This could be your last chance to grab a pair in your size before they're gone.

Women WW846
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Men M801SGR

New Balance 801 Suede Slide — $ 69.95

The best selling trail recovery slide has been updated to the 990S, now Made in USA and $ 99.95. If the 801 was the perfect fit for your feet, grab an extra pair while they're still available.

Women W801SGR
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Men M1260v3

New Balance 1260v3 - $ 119.95

Now updated to the 1260v4, the 1260 series gives the mild to moderate overpronator an excellent ride.
Women W1260v3
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Men MW968

New Balance Walking 968 — $ 99.95

Now updated to the 969, the waterproof Country Walking 968 has been a popular favorite for its light feel and roomy toebox.
Women WW968
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Men MT00

New Balance Minimus Trail Zero — $ 79.95

The original Minimus Zero Trail has a 0mm drop from heel to toe and Vibram® outsole. The Minimus design allows for a more natural foot strike and a more efficient ride. The barefoot revolution continues with the MT00v2.

Women WT00
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Men - MW811

New Balance Walking 811 — 79.00

Some of the very last discontinued New Balance 811 are still available in Velcro and Slide style for women. Widths range from Extra Narrow (4A/2A) to Extra Wide (4E/6E). The 812 update now retail for $ 89.95.

Women - WW811
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Men - MW927

New Balance Walking 927 — $ 119.95

Now the W928, If you've got any foot problems, and you're a larger person, these shoes are like chicken soup for your feet.. Choose from lace-ups or velcro.

Women WW927

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