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Larry G's favorite shoes of 2016

  1. New Balance 1260v5 — great support and cushioning
  2. New Balance 928 — original version if you have a choice
  3. New Balance 857NS — new suede version fits like a glove
  4. New Balance 847 — excellent new GY2 color comes in widths from 2A–6E for men
  5. New Balance 990v4 — new version 4 feels cushier than ever
  6. New Balance 910GX2 — I love Gore-Tex especially when I step in a puddle
  7. Dunham 6630 — Cloud 9 is appropriately named
  8. New Balance 1210 aka Leadville — sort of perfect trail running shoes
  9. Dunham St Johnsbury (MCR455) — I remove the backstrap and turn them into slides
  10. Vionic Sandals — women's best defense against plantar fasciitis


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I used to buy NB shoes from you all the time and loved your website but can't say so much for the current website. It seems I have to here the data sheet on every pair of shoes - I tried searching for SL-2 and deep toe box but got no results. Is there a way to find the features I want without searching through every pair of shoes? I also couldn't find an explanation of what something like "PL-8" means.

Thank you for the Question
The best way to search for SL-2 models is by going to the category and selecting SL-2, although the text search should return most SL-2 shoes on the 1st page of returns.

A PL-8 last, is a Performance Running last with an 8mm drop from heel to toe. You can get more information on Last page:
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