An Autumn Day at New Balance By Mariadelmar

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It was a cool autumn day in Hasbrouck Heights. I had just grabbed a coffee from the famous Bendix Diner and had walked across Route 17 to the New Balance store owned by the Gershberg Family and known online as A Perfect Dealer.

New Balance North Jersey wasn't just any local sneaker store. I had been going there for years to buy my favorite shoes. Every time I had walked in, I was greeted by a warm smile. I was even offered some Halloween candy.

I had started to browse the store, from the New Balance apparel to the women's shoes, when I was suddenly complimented.

"Those trail shoes you have on are great, I have a pair of them in blue."

"That's such a coincidence, are they popular? The Hierros have been on my feet since the first version came out"

"Really? Have you seen the ones in all black coming out next year?"  

From there I was hooked to know more. I'm such a trail shoe fanatic. Anything hiking related sparks something in me. I actually had the New Balance Hierros in the grey with the lavender, the royal blue, and even the all-white gore-tex ones.

I was day-dreaming about going on another hike with my New Balance trail running shoes, when I spotted "Butch" across the room in the employee room.

Butch is the owner Larry's dog. It is always so pleasant to pet him. I crouched down and opened up my arms to see if he would do me the pleasure of greeting me.

If Butch was around, surely Larry was also in the building or vice versa. They are inseparable. I love asking Larry for his expert advice on shoes and so I asked one of the employees if I could speak with him.

"Yes, of course, and would you like to place an early order for the new Hierro?"

My answer was most definitely a yes. I needed new shoes for this upcoming winter and how could I say no to the best service in town.

Butch finally made his way over to me and I started to pet him. He is always there. It is such a welcoming feeling.

"Has Butch found all the shoes you wanted today?" Larry asked jokingly.

"Oh yes, top service right here" I said tapping him on the head. One of the other customers overheard and added to the fun.

"Why isn't he wearing his New Balances?"

Suddenly all eyes were on Butch as we laughed.

But I also had another question.

"How much time do you think I have left from these shoes?"

Larry analyzed the soles and told me that usually the wear on the bottom gave away the lifespan of a shoe.

"But you should also keep into account if they no longer support you the same."

He always gives me the facts and helps me use my own intuition. It is what I most appreciate out of his expert New Balance knowledge and service.

Soon after I was ready to leave since my order had been placed and I had finished chatting with everyone. I was excited to go on with my day but I hadn't noticed how much time had gone by while at New Balance. It was timeless the moment you stepped into the store.

Larry is the Perfect New Balance Dealer

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